Monday, April 6, 2009

The Privilege of Angels

A few days ago I got to do an angel reading for my dear friend who is suffering from illness. I lit two candles and got into a meditative state and began to do my thing, calling her angels. They told me how much they loved her and told me to get out a note pad and start writing things down for her. I did. The messages for her just poured out of my pen onto the page.

The overall feeling was one of complete love in it's truest form. So sublime that I didn't want to come out of my angelic-state, to call her with the information, but, of course, I did.

What a privilege to have had her angels with me even for just a few minutes. Your angels are waiting to talk to you, too. Let me call them for you. The privilege will be all mine.

Angel blessings, April

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