Monday, April 6, 2009

The Privilege of Angels

A few days ago I got to do an angel reading for my dear friend who is suffering from illness. I lit two candles and got into a meditative state and began to do my thing, calling her angels. They told me how much they loved her and told me to get out a note pad and start writing things down for her. I did. The messages for her just poured out of my pen onto the page.

The overall feeling was one of complete love in it's truest form. So sublime that I didn't want to come out of my angelic-state, to call her with the information, but, of course, I did.

What a privilege to have had her angels with me even for just a few minutes. Your angels are waiting to talk to you, too. Let me call them for you. The privilege will be all mine.

Angel blessings, April

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Angels Among Us

There are angels among us at all times. All you need do is call out to them and ask for their help. The angels want to help you. They desire only what is in your best interest.

Seek out your angels by getting quiet. Angels cannot be heard in noisy or chaotic environments. Listen to your angels by listening to your heart. What does it say? You will find the answers by listening to the quiet inside yourself.

Angel oracle cards are a great way to bring messages to you as well. Whether that is through the use of tarot or other cards, such as Doreen Virtue Angel Oracle Cards, you can receive the messages by being introspective and going within.

An Angel Apprentice, such as myself, can bring you messages from your angels. Visit my web site to set up an appointment. You can also receive free messages daily to your inbox.

Until then, Angel Blessings!